Foundation History and Activity of Kendo & Iaido in Iran

The traditional & Martial Art of Kendo-Iaido in Iran was first founded by Shihan Soleiman Mehdizadeh. He started learning Zen philosophy & traditional Kendo under the supervision of a Japanese Master "Deceased Master Fukuda" in 1976. Two years later, by passing great efforts & heavy exercises and according to the advice of his masters, finally he made his first sport travel to Japan. Mehdizadeh began to learn Modern Kendo by Deceased Master Nishiyama and Art of Iaido by Master Totsuka.

Back to Iran, Shihan Mehdizadeh founded this Noble Samurai Art and began to teach it. In 1980 Martial Arts Federation start supervising Kendo & Iaido (Samurai) and formal training which were under the control of Shihan Mehdizadeh, were done in Fencing Hall (Martial Arts Hall of the time). In the same year Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) prepared a film about first Martial Art Samurai training class in Iran and then played it in Jan. 6th 1983. Simultaneously Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) displayed a documentary of exercises by Shihan Mehdizadeh. Since Mehdizadeh had to travel Japan months a year to follow up Technical & Specialty Exercises, his masters advised him to reside in Japan in order to pass High levels in Kendo-Iaido. Returned to Iran in 1994 he continued constant training to enthusiastic and students under the supervision of Karate Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran in a way that in Mar. 15th 1998 through a formal statement from mentioned Federation, Kendo-Iaido (Samurai) was found official by the Presidence of Shihan Soleiman Mehdizadeh & gained the official License for activity in Iran.

Shihan Mehdizadeh is now the sole contact and the liable coordinator in Japan Kendo Federation (AJKF) and the official agent of International Kendo Federation ( FIK ) in Iran, and the official agent of Japan Iaido Federation ( NIR ) in Iran & the Middle East. Furthermore, he is the president of Okinawa Goju ryu Karatedo Association and Tomiki Ryu Aikido in Iran.