Being Iranian famous and prominent master, for the first time in Iran’s sports history particularly in heroic arts, received a Rising sun, Gold and Silver Rays medal and Certificate of appreciation sealed with Japanese Emperor’s mark.





He, Shihan Soleiman Mehdizadeh, the founder of Kendo and Iaido (Samurai) and Okinawan Goju Ryo Karate Do in Iran. When you spend your time in company with him to talk about heroic arts and their delicacies, he finally tells you “I am just a trainee, that’s it”.

Shihan Mehdizadeh is now the first master and trainer of original Japanese heroic arts in the history of such sports in Iran who has received a medal.  He was already glorified in Japan in 1992 and as the first foreign champion grabbed the winner’s position from well-known Japanese champions after hard and stiff competition. Standing on a seat, considering technical skills of Japanese champions seemed impossible. In 2002, he again took this position and held Iran in repute.

The gold medal of Rising sun has been awarded to Shihan Soleiman Mehdizadeh in the afternoon, on Tuesday (2012/12/25) in a ceremony by the Excellency of Japanese ambassador at the embassy of Japan in Tehran.

As reported by Kendo and Iaido Association in Iran, in this ceremony, a number of authorities from the embassy of Japan, Mr. Tanhayi from Asia-Oceanic department of foreign ministry, Mr. Mohammad Nouhi, the head of martial arts sports federation, and Mr. Ahmadi, the secretary of federation attended the ceremony. Before granting this medal, Japanese ambassador said, “This medal is being awarded after years of investigations on sports records of Soleiman Mehdizadeh due to his constant and long term attempts to introduce traditional Japanese heroic training and sports and his method is based on old and traditional basics and principles. He has attempted to develop what his old Japanese masters have trained to him keeping their originality. His efforts have helped to approach Iranian and Japanese cultures with lots of common aspects”.

After the ambassador’s speech, Shihan Soleiman Mehdizadeh, pointing to the position of the symbolic concept of the sun and light in Iranian-Islamic culture, considered Iranian Knight’s (Ayyaran) and Samurai’s methods very close in many cases and referred to both as attempts to human making and humanity.





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Shinbukan is one of the most reputable teaching centers in Iran which provides training in four genuine Japanese martial arts:




( IKO. Group & Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate do Kyokai ) 


( AJKF / FIK ) Kendo Fed.  


( NIR)  Japan Iaido Federation (Muso Jigiden Eishin Ryu) 


( Tomiki Ryu ) 






To familiarize you with the founding of Shinbukan and its establishment in Iran, a short history is presented. 



 The concept of founding Shinbukan, which was established in 1978, belongs to Shihan Soleiman Mehdizadeh.  He was and is still a student of esteemed and renowned masters such as Master Jun Totsuka for Iaido,  Master Nishiyama for Kendo, Master Gonnohiyoe Yamamoto for Karate and Master Yamaguchi for Aikido.  In 1978, after months of great efforts and planning, Shihan Mehdizadeh was successful in establishing the first dojo in Tehran.  (After the Islamic Revolution, the dojo was moved from its area to the martial arts center of the time and then later to the Shiroodi Sports Complex.

Shihan Mehdizadeh began the instruction of martial arts by first teaching techniques of Kendo and Iaido, the art of Japanese swordsmanship.  In 1984, in accordance with the advice of his instructors,  Shihan Mehdizadeh decided to reside in Japan, and in 1985, after consulting with his Japanese masters  and obtaining their permission, the first official dojo by the name of Shinbukan was founded in Tokyo.  Enthusiastic Japanese were the first students to attend Shihan Mehdizadeh`s dojo.


Shihan Mehdizadeh returned to Iran and moved Shinbukan`s main office to Tehran, changing the Tokyo dojo to a branch office which continues to be active even now.

Because of Shihan`s devotion and efforts, Shinbukan is today a member of All Japan Kendo Federation ( AJKF ) and the sole contact of International Kendo Federation (FIK) in Iran, a member of Japan Iaido Federation (NIR), a member of All Japan Karate Federation (AJKF), and a member of the Japan Aikido Federation (Tomiki Ryu style). Also, Shinbukan is extremely active in Iran under the supervision of the Iran Karate do Federation and Iran Marital Art Federation.

Shinbukan dojos are currently expanding throughout Iranian provinces and most of their major cities.